Online Masterclass One-Day Retreat

with Robert Moss


Saturday, June 26 2021

For Dream Ambassadors...
bring your ideas for fresh journeys, areas for group exploration, and ways to grow our dream of rebirthing a dreaming society in our world, in our time. The time is Now!


Together we make the extraordinary easy

We will test-fly new techniques, and embark on group journeys to explore the Many Worlds.

We'll deepen our practice of imaginal healing, vision transfer and soul recovery. We'll delight in creative expression in many forms . We'll play fabulous synchronicity games. We'll deepen our knowledge of the role of dreaming in the history, past and future, of all things human. We'll stage group experiments to confirm and apply our "supernormal" abilities - precognition, telepathy and clairsentience.

Practice the arts and skills of quantum dreaming, and how to bring them to others.

As quantum dreamers, we can step in and out of time and bring gifts and lessons from other times - including our parallel lives - into this one. We'll operate in the knowledge that we live in a conscious universe where everything is alive and connected, where mind and matter interweave. We'll hatch new experiments in time travel and reality creation, and we'll play games to entertain our creative genius and bring its energy into fullness in our bodies and our lives.

Class Date:

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Session Details:

Two 3-hour interactive sessions will be LIVE on Zoom from 2-5 pm Eastern and from 6-9 pm Eastern.

Early Bird Enrollment


until May 1, 2021

Price goes up to $200 until June 26, 2021when enrollment closes.



  • 2 Live Interactive Sessions
  • 2 Recordings
  • Breakout Sessions
  • Online Community Group
  • Dreams in the multiverse
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