Dream Teacher Training
Level 4 - The Masterclass

with Robert Moss


Become an Explorer, Architect, and Cartographer of Imaginal Realms while Deepening your Capacity for Soul Healing

Soul recovery may involve reclaiming vital energy and identity from a younger self who checked out when the world became too cold and too cruel. Or reclaiming our animal spirits. Or reopening connection to the Self on a higher level. To succeed in this, we may need to clear out energies and entities that came in to fill a hole within us. And to ensure that a young self we are bringing home knows that we are safe and we are fun.

However, it’s about more than soul recovery. It’s about soul growing, which can mean raising our consciousness to a level where we can embody the wisdom and vitality of an aspect of the Higher Self, a process Robert calls spiritual enthronement. It also means practicing anamnesis: remembering more of who we are and what we knew when we came into this life experience and acting in that awareness.

Starts Friday January 19, 2024

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Module 1: Soul Recovery and Soul Remembering

In our opening class, we'll bond and raise the energy of the group and refresh and deepen our core practices. We'll recall that Active Dreaming, in our teaching and practice, involves

  • The ability to reenter the dream space and navigate within it.
  • The ability to enter another person’s dream and directly experience its conditions.
  • To be able to dream for another: for example, for diagnostic purposes, or to gain vital information
  • The ability to meet dream teachers and partners at locales in the dreamstate, for exploration, healing and advanced training
  • The incubation of dreams on specific issues
  • The projection of the dreambody
  •  living in the realization that waking life is also a dream. 

Module 2: Defending the Dreaming

Darkness and light travel together, and we need to make a dynamic balance. We will study with master teachers of psychic defense and master practical, non-nonsense ways to repel psychic attacks, set up good psychic boundaries, and practice spiritual discernment. In this module, we will deepen our practice and understanding of:

  • Flight security for frequent flyers
  • Cutting psychic cords
  • Psychic screening and shielding
  • Calling in psychic first responders
  • Avoiding bad astral neighborhoods
  • Do's and don'ts of astral projection
  • Spiritual release
  • Handling chaos factors

Module 3: Master-level Kairomancy

We know that navigating by synchronicity is the dreamer's way of operating 24/7 and we won't fail to play many of the games we have developed to grow our ability to recognize and work with signs and symbols that pop up in the world around us. We'll also deepen our understanding of the phenomenon by drawing on the theory and practice of past masters of kairomancy from Synesius of Cyrene to Mark Twain, Jung and Wolfgang Pauli. We'll explore:

  • Growing supernormal abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition)
  • Fundamentals of divination
  • Tarot for dreamers
  • The doctrine of signatures
  • The esoteric understanding of "Induced coincidence "
  • Symbol magnets
  • Personal omens and oracles
  • Becoming a poet of consciousness

We’ll learn how to invite others to embark on the adventure of keeping a long-term dream journal and play advanced games with our own journals.

Module 4: Modeling the Multidimensional Self

The dramas of our present lives are related to those of personalities in other times, past, present and future. We are not only more than body and brain; we are more than body and soul. We have multiple personality aspects and multiple Vehicles of consciousness  that survive physical death. In this class we will:

  • Develop a working anatomy of the subtle bodies 
  • Study dream doubles and other doppelgangers
  • Journey to look in on parallel lifetimes 
  • Explore reincarnation and metempsychosis
    Study the Seth material and Joan Grant's approach to "far memory"
  • Meet more members of our soul families 
  • Make a journey of ascension to the Higher Self

Module 5: Mapping Imaginal Reality

On any night our dreams give us access to places in other realities we can visit again and again. We want to make personal maps – event floorplans – of these locales. We also want to map places in the Imaginal Realm, where we can meet others – including teachers from higher planes and may reside for varying intervals after physical death. In this class we will:

  • Learn to become cartographers of nonordinary reality
  • Develop a geography of the astral planes
  • Create personal Songlines, borrowing from Aboriginal tradition
  • Visit collective belief territories, and study selected texts from visionary explorers in several traditions. 
  • Test-fly vehicles for group travel to the intelligences of higher realms and other star systems

As we grow our familiarity with astral geography, we may find we are engaged in reality creation in realms where the architect is the imagination and the materials – though subtle – are at least as durable as any human construction on Earth

Module 6: Secrets of the House of Time 

We have traveled together to a splendid launch pad for journeys across time and encounters with personalities from other lives. We are now going to map the rooms and sites we know and go beyond them to further levels - and try to map those as well. What we discover can be the basis for cultural soul recovery, bringing back authentic knowledge and rituals from wisdom keepers of many traditions. You will be asked to grow your skills as a dream archaeologist, combining our practice of shamanic lucid dreaming with the inquiring eye of a detective and the research appetite of a scholar.

 Beyond the House of Time, you may be invited to tour an extraordinary scholar city in the Imaginal realm and meet teachers on the highest level accessible to you now. 

Module 7: Rebirthing a Dreaming Society

Here is where we explore practical ways to contribute to the rebirth of a dreaming society. We have the tools. Our Lightning Dreamwork process in  itself provides a safe and fun way for people to share dreams and personal stories, receive helpful feedback and be encouraged to take action to embody guidance and energy from a deeper source in their everyday life. In the process, we all become better storytellers and communicators - and we make dream sharing socially rewarding.

We will share ideas about how to create and maintain dreaming communities and how to integrate more of what we have shared in our personal lives and existing practice. We won't flinch away in our final class from problems that arise, like how to handle difficult or vulnerable personalities in a group. We'll journey, of course, into the ;possible future to grow a collective vision so strong and so sweet that it wants to take root in our world.

Class Dates:


January 19, 26
February 2, 9,16, 23
March 1


Session Details:

Each interactive intensive training and practice session will be LIVE on Zoom from 1-4pm ET each week. [Please check the hours in your time zone]


Prior completion of the Level 3 training for Teachers of Active Dreaming. This is a course for adepts. 


One Time Payment of $1,350

Until January 19, 2024, when enrollment closes


Tuition Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of $450

Until January 19, 2024, when enrollment closes


Living by synchronicity isn't merely about getting messages.
It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us
to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates
in the world we inhabit,
and how the world-behind-the-world
reveals itself
by fluttering the veils
of our consensual reality

Includes original manual written by Robert exclusively for our students and teachers.

Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion


Corinne L., California,
Dream Teacher and Ambassador

"Thank you, Universe!" for leading me to Robert! He creates a joyful container of exploration, healing, and self-growth. Robert's consummate storytelling skills convey his deep wisdom and knowledge in a thoroughly engaging manner. His home play assignments keep the fun going between sessions. The amazing, active, online community has led to life-long friendships for me. After taking 8 classes, I dove into the teacher training program. I wanted more! I can honestly say I am now a different person, excited and confident, ready to share all I have learned with the world!