Dream Teacher Training
Level 2

with Robert Moss


Starts Wednesday May 15, 2024


Prepare yourself to bring the gifts of Active Dreaming into many different environments. 

Level Two Teacher Training will Explore:

Kairomancy: the art of navigating by synchronicity

Kairomancy is a dreamer's way of operating 24/7. Its literal meaning is divination by special moments.
A Kairomancer is someone who is ready to recognize the Kairos moments when synchronicity is at work – and to seize on the revelation or opportunity that is now available.

We are going to have tremendous fun playing synchronicity games and learning how to guide others to open their senses to the dreamlike play of signs and symbols in the world around them.  

Royal Roads to Lucid Dreaming

The easiest way to embark on a lucid dream adventure is to start out conscious and stay that way. We can do this – and guide others to do it - through Dream Reentry and by spending more conscious time in the twilight zone of hypnagogia

Creative Dreaming

Our dreams put us directly in touch with our creative source. By tapping into our dreams, and honoring them, we release our inner artist/writer/creator. Creative expression is inherently healing.

We’ll learn how to invite others to embark on the adventure of keeping a long-term dream journal and play advanced games with our own journals.

Trans-Temporal Healing

As time travelers, we can journey to a younger self in their own Now time. As a voice in their mind, we can provide the encouragement and counsel they may need at a time of unbearable pain or challenge.

From this can flow tremendous healing for both of us. We will make the journey for our own empowerment and healing and learn how to guide others with the authority of experience, on this marvelous road.

Dream Transfer

Through this powerful and original technique, we can bring a dream – a healing image, a vision of life possibility, even a road map to the next life – to someone in need of a dream

Imaginal Healing

We practice helping people to understand that the body believes in images, and that we can create a personal pharmacy of images to help it stay well or get well.

We learn to offer simple exercises to raise energy and set good psychic boundaries, and how to guide journeys to places of deep healing in the Imaginal Realm.

Dream Healing through the Energy Centers

We’ll make personal energy maps, locate living symbols and power animals inside them, and learn how to  guide others on diagnostic and healing journeys through the energy centers

Class Dates:


May 15, 22, 29
June 5, 12, 19, 26

Session Details:

Each interactive intensive training and practice session will be LIVE on Zoom from 1-4pm ET each week. [Please check the hours in your time zone]


The Level Two Dream Teacher Training is only open to certified graduates of Level One



One Time Payment of $1,250


Tuition Payment Plan

3 Monthly Payments of $420


Living by synchronicity isn't merely about getting messages.
It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us
to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates
in the world we inhabit,
and how the world-behind-the-world
reveals itself
by fluttering the veils
of our consensual reality

Includes original manual written by Robert exclusively for our students and teachers.

Graduates receive a Certificate of Completion


Ava Wolf, level 3 graduate

Whether you are interested in becoming an increasingly expanded version of yourself, being in the continual loving embrace of an international community, being a dream ambassador to create a more true, just, and beautiful world, cultivating creativity, one day gathering in person together, any combination of these, or something I have missed considering here—I recommend the practical magic of this training.

I continue to enjoy being steeped in the material and the company of dreamers, and so appreciate the peer, non-hierarchical nature of this community, and all the encouragement and support within it so freely offered.

For me, every repetition of dream wisdom in subsequent on-line courses is a fresh deepening and nourishment—and in these days, a continuing lifeline.